Drinks at the Nolen Rooftop in San Diego

Health and Safety Program

The Nolen

What To Expect

As we all navigate this “new normal,” The Nolen will be operating with the safety of our guests and staff as the top priority. We’ve missed you all and are thrilled to welcome you back, and want you to know what we are doing to keep you safe including keeping the restaurant at half its capacity and separating tables by 6 feet. We will continue to revisit procedures to adhere to the law and our high standards. All guests are expected to respect this protocol. Our entire team at The Nolen thanks you for understanding.

– Reservations can ONLY be made online and will not be accepted over the phone. Please note that as of 7/21/20, we are only accepting parties with members from the same household, as recommended by the Phase 2 California reopening guidelines, and there is a 90-minute time limit per visit. Additionally, there is a strict four-person maximum per table and tables cannot be combined. 

– When you arrive, parties must wait at the door until the hostess comes down to check them in. All reservation times have a 15-minute grace period in case you are running late. 

– At that point, you will be escorted to the elevators, which will be sanitized between each use. Masks or proper face coverings must be worn from the time you enter the door until you are seated.

– Once you arrive up to The Nolen, the hostess will escort you to your reserved table. Tables will be distanced 6 feet apart.

– Once seated, you may remove masks and will be provided with a disposable paper bag so masks won’t touch the table or seats. Masks or proper face covers MUST be worn any time you leave the table, including going to the bathroom. This will be strictly enforced.

– Servers will meet each table and present single-use menus. As an additional precautionary step, you will have the ability to scan a QR code provided by the server with your personal smartphone that will pull up the menu.  

– All parties will receive single-use cutlery.

– A 22% auto gratuity will be added to all checks.

– Tables will be cleared and fully sanitized after parties have left the table.